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Cross-Dock Clinical Supply Solutions for a Post-Brexit Europe

Minimize Risks to Continuity of Supply in European and UK Studies

Since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, Catalent has worked diligently alongside customers to ensure that we can maintain continuity of supply to clinical trial participants across Europe following Brexit.

Comprised of experts from key business functions, Catalent’s Brexit Team has developed innovative and flexible solutions to help sponsors overcome the potential trade, regulatory and related challenges they may face beyond the transition period1 to maintain uninterrupted clinical supply to patients, even in the worst-case scenario of a hard Brexit. Furthermore, Catalent’s turnkey Brexit solutions help result in minimal disruption to established clinical supply chains, while potentially saving sponsors energy, time and cost in comparison to alternative Brexit risk mitigation options.

Catalent Clinical Supply Services offers sponsors preparing for Brexit:

  • Access to the industry-leading experts from our Brexit Strategic Planning Team to best support your risk mitigation activities
  • A network of 9 GMP clinical supply facilities, 3 of which have been established and working together in the UK and EU for 20+ years to support clinical supply chains across Europe and the globe
  • Brexit solutions that can produce efficiencies in mitigating the risk to clinical supply chain continuity
  • A full range of comprehensive clinical supply services, available through all our UK and EU sites
If you are a sponsor, consultant or CRO with existing or planned clinical trials in Europe, and would like to find out how Catalent can help you “Brexit-proof” your clinical supply chain, learn more below and contact us to speak to one of our experts about Brexit:

1Following ratification of the EU Withdrawal Agreement in January 2020, the transition period was triggered on 1st February 2020. This will last until at least 31st December 2020, and during this time, the UK follows the same rules as if it were still an EU member state.